Random Fandom Monday [#01]: Introduction


As a professional fangirl, books are just one of my many fandom from everywhere (the earliest and best fandom I joined). But I  can’t help myself not to talk about my other fandoms and hobbies, I also feel bad not to.  I decided to give a day to my other fandoms and just talk about them and share them to you!

These are some of my fandom that I will probably talk about every Random Fandom Monday.

  • Asian Dramas: This is my second child among the fandoms after the book fandom.  I started watching Asian Dramas since I was a kid (thanks mom)  Asian Dramas are mostly consist of Korean, Japanese,  Thai and Taiwanese. I might review some Asian Dramas here and come up with random lists (and gorgeous Asian guys 😉😉)

  • Anime/ Manga/Webtoon: I watch Anime occasionally but I read mangas a lot. This is where I  read romantic comedy and contemporary genre that I’m not really into reading through books, I also read fantasy and actions here.  

    • Korean Pop Music(K-pop): K-pop is the modern Korean music. When you are into Korean Dramas there will be a high possibility you will like K-pop because of the drama’s OSTs. What made me interested to them are their groups, on point music videos, Bad-ass dance moves and upbeat songs even though I can’t understand it at all.  

      • American TV series: Now I’m into DC and Marvel TV series, so probably I will talk about that all the time and news about them. 

        • Music: I will talk about my playlist and what music I live for the moment.

        If you don’t like any of my fandoms stated above, please just ignore my posts (in the future) because all I want is to share what I love and share parts of my life too. 


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